06 July 2012


There's a show on Investigation Discovery that mentioned this name. But the narrator pronounced it Zilphia and her family pronounced it Zelphia. It reminded me of how Ezra wants to name his future daughter Xylia, after his grandmother Sylvia. I like the 'ph' sound for the 'v.' Maybe there's a happy medium. Xylphia? Looks like a medication. Zylphia? Meh... Xelphia? I prefer that one, if I had to choose. And does it go with the middle name I chose? (Roselyn (Rose=my oma, Lynn=Deborah and Penny))

Xelphia Roselyn Byrd
Hmmm... the 'x' looks mighty harsh. :/

Zelphia Roselyn Byrd
I like it. Looks the most like Sylvia, and is appealing to the eyes.

I wish I could get him to agree on Phineas. Phineas Gray Byrd. Nope. Flint. Flint Gray Byrd. While, yes, I like it, it isn't any part mine... We HAVE to have Gray. And Ezra said no to 4 names (2 middle names). But HE chose Flint. I can't contribute... That's the one reason I'd want a girl, that name is kick ass. I suppose I'll just have to come up with one both of us like, that match his criterion of being uncommon. Good thing I have a while! -Elle

13 May 2012

Maybe I'm weird,

But I like when he begs. ;P

Vicious Cycle

You don't kiss me because I'm crazy.I'm crazy because you don't kiss me.

At least I was being an awesome girlfriend today. Made you food, did your laundry, rubbed your back, and sat in your lap (while you were busy fixing your computer) and gave you hundreds of kisses. What else do I need to do? I'm stumped and confused. I tried everything I could to make you want to kiss me back. Is it me? Am I disgusting again? Is this another test? I guess all I need to do is just chill the fuck out and keep doing what I'm doing.

Ezra, I can say one thing, you certainly make me work hard for your amazing kisses. :)



11 May 2012

Who da thunk it?

I was causing what was making me sad this whole time.

I just wanted to be irresistible to him again...

Fig Newtons

Tonight I did something for Ezra that I haven't done in a long time. A back massage. Not one of those shitty, I'm just rubbing your back, massages. I really put my heart into it. I even threw in a leg and foot, and arm and hand massage. Even rubbed his ears and played with his hair.

I don't expect reciprocation. I know he's not going to unless I say something. And even then, I get an exasperated sigh.

Instead, he browses Reddit for half an hour. Or goes on his computer for email, Reddit, YouTube, AVGN, the Pirate Bay, or something along those lines.

When I first got here, he was so loving. Kisses, hugs, cuddling, and intimacy. I feel like he's just used to my presence now, and stopped trying. He knows that I love him always and will never leave his side, and stopped trying.

I'll always want him. There will always be that thrill of the chase. Every time I look at him, my heart skips a beat.

I thought doing stuff for him again (I was in a rut when I didn't want to do anything), like making him food, cleaning his room, and doing his laundry, would bring him back to wanting me.

But no, in the end, technology wins. Always. Every time.

Who am I kidding, he doesn't read these anymore.

Ezra, if you are reading, no, and don't even say it. No, you don't disappoint me. No, you do not make me sad. No. I love you. Don't ever forget that. I just miss your caresses, is all. They make me feel like you still want me around.

02 May 2012

First post from Droid.

About to go with Mimi to church dinner, then choir practice.

Almost level 85, just got to Deepholm. Ezra and I have been grinding Netherwing reputation together. Of course, he became exalted before I did. I should be tomorrow. Ezra requested that I wait for him to get home to work on Sunreaver.

Ezra and I have been better these past few days. Yeah, I don't know why, but I need intimacy to function lol. And playing WoW together is fun, too. Hopefully I will stay in this good mood for a while.